Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guide Event 2012

I attended Simms Ice Out Guide Event again. It was quite a fun again. Simms and other sponsors of event hosted guides from all over North America.

This GORE-TEX demonstration was fun to watch though I wasn't brave enough to jump into (artificial) storm.

Fly Contest was held again at Montana Fly Company's booth. Well......I didn't win this year. But I will talk about this new pattern of mine (and a few others) later on.

We had some seminars for miscellaneous topics. With those education, we sneaked out quickly to "G" River and practiced.

SUPER-SALE was very popular (and crowded) again as that was every guide was waiting for!

My roots for this year.........

It was quite an honor to meet "living legend" Dave Whitlock and his wife Emily.

There were more programs that kept us entertained all 3 days. Mighty Thanks for free beer and foods and SUPER-SALE! I will hang in there and will visit next year. Great to meet all the guides from all over the country. See you along the river!


  1. Looks like another sweet Ice Out!

    1. Yeah, we all had fun. Hopefully you will visit next year!