Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quickly to 'Stone

Right after I hit "Publish" for my last post, I drove to a wading section of Yellowstone River. Now is the most emotional time of the year for anglers around here. Runoffs, streamers for big browns, and Mother's Day Caddis hatch. It's totally up to Mother Nature and River God of Mighty Yellowstone.

Baetis were already on the water and kept popping. However no rises were observed.

Believe or not, I found Skwala Stoneflies on 'Stone!! (please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Look at this huge egg-sack!!

Baetis kept popping in the air and almost 4pm, I finally started to see rising trout and I stood below the "pod". Why that late?? Let me tell you it's all about water temperature. This is the same scenario as I observed at DePuy's!! I was sure trout were after baetis. Well, "You know my name" (Beatles' song).

I felt it was relatively nice trout. I netted him in just as my Cripple got broken from my tippet. Nice Yellowstone Cutty with a radio tag for research purpose by Montana FWP (ask them for details if you are interested)!! This is very rare!!??
Nice!! Beauty!!

So next I tied on "Parachute".

AHAHA!! Bigger Cutty hit me!!

This pic is not perfect but it's mostly in my memory anyway. Nice & Big Cutty on my original tiny flies!! Can't be better than that!!

I haven't seen caddis yet. But with steady weather pattern with less winds are predicted, we are hoping caddis will pop as we wish!!

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