Monday, July 23, 2012

More Brookies

Today Bill & Charlie (9) from Maryland fished with me. They said they were beginners but......they started to catch fish right off the bat!!

Probably due to summer heat and recent fishing pressure, even brookies seem a bit tired recently. Considering that, we had a very good morning.

Charlie is holding!


Once he got a hang of it, he kept me running back & force between his father and him. Nice Brookie, young man!!

How many did he catch? He lost the count.....

As a guide, I actually learn a lot from beginning anglers. What is the easier way to explain? What is the suitable method for him/her & situation?  It's not solely about his/her fishing experience....... Age, height, physique, desire/wish, etc. are up to each client.....

"With Fly Fishing you never stop learning and it is the same with guiding; you are always learning new methods or better ways to teach the methods." Don Williams, 1998
Quoted from "A Montana Guide Legend; Don Williams" - by Tom Travis 
(Eye of the Guide in Fly Anglers OnLine

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