Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slough - Never Pronounce "Slow"

Today I could finally scratch an itch in my mind and from the list. I could finally make to my favorite waters in Yellowstone Park; Lower Meadow of Slough Creek and Lamar River. This is more like personal enjoyment rather than scouting spots or experimenting flies (though I did report to my fellow guides as I found some interesting).

Morning was actually slow. Lots of trout came up or moved under my dry-flies but no bites or hook-ups occurred. There was not much insect hatches that cause trout to rise either. It started active after I had my lunch. Terrestrial time!!
I started with a rainbow (pretty much pure rainbow).

Cutty of course!!

This was larger rainbow that took my original ant pattern. I will talk about this little fly later on.

As I was moving along, I faced a coyote. It has to be a good sign. Remember my COYOTE? (no link needed, right??)

Indeed!! COYOTE ATTACK!! 20-inch Rainbow came up and took my ant!! I fought well and securely netted him!! Time for "Grip-&-Grin" with self-timer mode.......... boy, he's gone.............
After 6pm, I went to Lamar River. This was interesting as water was not quite clear from last weekend's incident. I was brave enough to cast terrestrial patterns to see if trout would look up.  First cast to a likely spot, BOOM!!, nice huge Cutty took my black Chubby Chernobyl!!

"This time, I will make a shot!!".................de-javu.................

I caught some more. At least I made it with a little one.

I worked some more. "Fishing God" gave me one more chance. It was another nice Cutty who took my Chubby.

I'm really glad that I could get done this in July. Luckily waters around our side (northeast) of YNP are remaining cool. All Cutty are fighting very strongly this year. You should come and check out yourself!!

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