Sunday, July 22, 2012

YDFG (Yellowstone Dry Fly Guide)

I repeat. Yellowstone River is back in great shape. Indeed it seems revived water and fish from the first 3 weeks of intense fishing.
After intense guiding of this past week, I got rested. As I was ready to back in business, I called my friend Link in Gardiner to see how revived 'Stone would fish. We exclusively fished with dry-flies.
Today's hot flies are (we ended up using only these......) Peacock PMX, size 12.

Link's original Lynx Foam Bug.

We caught lots of trout! And lost (rise but not quite hooked) as many!!

Nice Cutbow!!

BTW, this is just below Devils Slide.......Can you see anything?

Boldy along the river is always cool!!

I really felt we are having the 2nd Season Opener for the summer.
Come & fish with us for Grater Summer here!

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