Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guide's AM & PM

Today, I had a float trip scheduled in the afternoon. So, as always in the morning, I did my homework. Ooops..............

I floated with father & son visiting from Scotland. They were excellent fishermen. Great to ask/hear about Atlantic Salmon fishing in Great Britain, which is always a lore to me. Unfortunately we had to face NE winds all afternoon. It wasn't dangerous, not to mention new for me, but surely uncomfortable for them. Also, I observed Yellowstone River got somewhat tinged (Lamar River experienced some storms again!! Hopefully it's a short one).
I did whatever I could do the best to show them our native species.
Whitie for sure!

And about 200-yard above take-out, finally Cutty came on a Hopper!!

Looks like indirectly I completed THE GRAND SLAM (catch major 4 species in a single day)!!

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