Monday, July 30, 2012

One-Day Vacation

NEWS: Same ol', same ol'. Yellowstone River is experiencing muddy condition again due to mud plugs from Soda Butte Creek and Lamar River in Yellowstone Park. Bad thing is we are out of business again for a next few days. Good news is this will revive the river and trout again and add some water for this dry-low-water condition.
So I was off today. Fly-fishing, fly-tying, and guiding have been proud to be my professional career. In other words, job. That means I'd better take off from work once in a while. "I have been guiding over 30 days in a row", not like that (I wish!!) but when I was not guiding this month, I went out to learn and scout more waters for guiding and reported fishing & water conditions to my fellow guides at Parks' Fly Shop ( Also, I admit my stress for dealing with traffic (vehicles in YNP and boats on the river) was getting to its peak. So if I could enjoy fly-fishing as a hobby for a day, I needed a quiet setting without much driving and with some elbow-room. I could think of only one; DePuy Spring Creek ( I was one of paying-customers there. No clients or no mission from shops, but just for myself.

I went early in the morning. Before some insect hatches start, I fished anyway. I was somewhat anti-dry-fly for the first thing in the morning for some reasons.......

Look what they were eating.....
It's true that PMD hatch in gently thinning as July goes by. There still are. I found spinner and dun at the same time.
To mix things up, baetis was hatching too!! I played some. But with those couple of slabs caught on nymphs in the morning and under nice weather, I went back to the bench and started to take a nap till just after noon.........Hey it's my day-off!! I need some relaxation!!

In the afternoon, I did what I had planned to do; terrestrial fishing!! My expectation went up as I heard hoppers clicking all over the creek and black ants crawling on my shirt. My choice was Carnage Hopper in olive size 12

and Parachute Ant in black size 16 or 18.

BINGO!! Trout did come up!! They were expecting too!!

Yellowstone Cutty in DePuy's rise in a totally different manner from what I experience in Yellowstone Park waters (Stone, Lamar, Soda Butte, Slough, etc). This one rose gently with sipping/slicing motion like any other spring-creek trout.
 HUGE!! Happy!!

 BEAUTY too!!
In the middle of terrestrial fever, Sulphur Duns appeared all over and trout shifted their eyes and appetites. This mix of every material pattern worked!!
Now I was staying well after 6pm. Other anglers started to head home. At one of my favorite spots, I started to observe rises. I tosses Suphur pattern above again but no response. I walked down-stream and seined. I collected midges (I was suspecting) but also ant after ant?? So I tied on Para Ant above, trailed with this simple quill body midge.

 I hooked and netted 3 NICE CUTTIES in a row!! I did stomach-sampling and they were indeed eating midges and ants!! Wonder what kind of taste it can be...........

Bad picture but get a point..........
 So I came home well after 9pm. Is this a day-off? Yes!! I feel better!! I simply enjoy the day. Over all trout were healthy and strong. Considering number of hours and trout, today's rod-fee ($100) is divided into tiny pieces. PRICELESS, that's the right term.
People out there who are planning to visit Montana should give a try at DePuy's any time of the year. Let me know if I could be any assist for you.
I may treat myself again next month.......

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