Monday, October 22, 2012

20-20 (20-incher on Size 20 BWO!!)

It turned out to be another memorable day at DePuy's spring creek. Cold front is finally coming to us and seems to settle down. It was cold all day today and looks like it remains so for a while. I was expecting to see what weather patterns may affect trout and fishing or not.

I started with my favorite "Monster" spot. Who brings salmon/boat net to spring creeks? I don't mind!! I'd say it DID weigh something!!

Another killer streamer at Livingston's spring creeks is John Barr's Slumpbuster. I tie them in Size 10 & Black.

Another one from same spot!
Indeed fall........Late fall.....................
Afternoon became one of the most unique experience of my fishing life. There were several anglers at the creek and a couple of them were waiting for BWO (baetis) hatch in the afternoon, which typically happens 1 - 3PM. Most of anglers expecting this action tend to "hold spots" from 12:30. I'd rather avoid that kind of stretch but since I'm experimenting my new design (below), I had to join the circus. Just afternoon, Norther was not strong but very chilly. Hatch didn't happen. By 1PM, it seemed insane to be at water. Some rain coming off and looked to be snowing any time. EVERYONE in my vicinity (several cars) gave up & went home by 1:30PM. I just recalled my old fishing journals and memories. BWO hatch can be at around 2PM. If not, then I would move on, might strip streamers, and then go home. But YES!! It happened!! Just for me & ONLY for me!! BWO hatch & Rises lasted from 2 - 4:30PM under sleet!!

Simple CDC Dun is always a go-to!!

Then my new nymph!! Although I will make a full-post for this fly, I have just named "Winged Victory Nymph" as suggested by one of Blog readers.

 Like it!!

Stomach sample shows a mix of duns and nymphs.

Large rainbows are coming into creek!! I screwed up the pic!!
 This was smaller yet developing some kyped jaw!!

Lost another big one........You know this fly (below).

GOTCHA!! Massive solid 'Bow!!

Don't forget my other original, Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple!!

He was a "sipper" just "an inch & a half off" from the grassy bank.........

Probably the BIGGEST Brown caught on dry-flies!!

I was very satisfied but trout were still rising. Now it was WV Nymph's turn!!

Another Solid Brown!! Do I need more experiment on my new design?? I will do anyway......


I again visit tomorrow so I was planning to post a "two-day" summary but since I took lots of good pics of GOOD trout so I decided to do it tonight. Right now my wet clothes are getting dried in front of woodstove........ See what's gonna happen tomorrow.......


  1. German speckled beauties!! Holy crap!

    1. I just got lucky, pal. How's Gardner fishing? You guys should be seeing some monsters too!