Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"G" River Fall-Runners

I'm back on the river!! My mind is filled by good books and my body is nourished by Montana harvested deer meat (as posted last). I headed to "G" River in "G" town. Never mean to secretive but it's so obvious and I'm just shortening my typing....... I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and left my house just as my guiding days in summer. As I drove, I had to feel our summer and guiding days felt way back...... I was driving in the dark all through and I was fishing with my winter hat and gloves.........

Anyway, I just started fishing as last time I had fished was yesterday. I saw a herd of cow elk were crossing the river. Then I heard the sound = bugling sound....... Oh.........."Hi, I'm a breeder. Are you a breeder too?" (I don't crop this picture on purpose.)

"Fall-runners" are our jargon for, not me as I don't run!! & not for these running elks either!!, trout coming up from "Y" River to "G" River to spawn in the fall. Large brown trout are known to conduct this annual ritual, followed by rainbow and whitefish both of which love to munch on browns' eggs. Whitefish are in spawning mode too!
At likely spots, I started to catch trout, starting with a rainbow...............

More rainbow..........

Then a brown............. Though red spots were vivid, this one nor top were nowhere close to be called as "runners"...........
By the way, though we have likely flies and tactics in our head and hands, bear in mind, BWO & MIDGES DO HATCH & TROUT DO RISE for a period of time. This situation is worth forgetting your heavy rigs and fishing with dry-flies. A few in the group of risers can be really big!!

As sunrise was late, sunset was early, earlier than summer of course. In this boulder- & pocket- oriented "G" River, where is the comfortable spot/section for trout to make redds?? THINK & ANALYZE!! Toward the end of the day, I finally hit a spot. Large-ready-to-spawn whitie!! 16-incher!!

Then 17-incher!!


If the day had ended like this, this would be a joke pose (though it was really fun!!).
However my observation, analysis, and perseverance were finally rewarded..............

Never leave your house without Minch's Bead, Hare, & Copper!! (click for YouTube Video.)

Well, my first day fishing after "resurrection" was great success. Although days are short and cold, fall fishing will be long & hot for me!!

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