Monday, October 29, 2012

Mr. O-O Goes On!!

Today, I was supposed to be "take off" from DePuy's ( I worked on my own stuffs in the morning and it was rainy and windy weather. However, winds stopped dramatically around noon!!, yet still cloudy and rainy somewhat. I finished office-works as well, so I made calls and there I was again. 

My intention was BWO hatch. It just seemed perfect. However, afternoon turned out to be mix of sunny and windy, not quite BWO-ish weather........... It seemed I was 30-minutes behind for other anglers told me. They did see BWO hatch and rising trout for 30 minutes........ and that was all.

Indeed weather is playing funny again, whether you fish or not, it will be warm for a next couple of days!! Though I didn't have any dry-fly actions (but one rise and miss), there still are lots of run-up trout in the creek and many methods to approach them. I tried my brandnew Mr. O-O (October-Orange) again. 

To be honest, this fly seems beyond the realm of my expectation. No other large soft-hackle for fall run-up trout will produce so consistently!! 

I saw this nice brown trout darted and chased Mr. O-O and attacked it!! Here's Mr. in ORANGE scarf........

Next two days are forecast to be sunny up to 60s!? Maybe not much BWO-ish........ I may be doing something else and/or tying more flies. That's why I gave a shot this afternoon. But then again who knows........ I may sneak in afternoon.........??

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