Sunday, October 28, 2012

One More Brandnew Soft-Hackle = Amazingly & Shockingly Effective

I was a brave weekend warrior at DePuy's ( I ended up fishing 4 days in a row and that made already 10 Days in this month with Winter-Pass. I will never get bored at DePuy's as "Spring Creek is the classroom of fly-fishing" (my guide mentor Tom Travis).

In my last post, I talked about great success with large soft-hackles. Yet somehow that night = Friday night, I was still playing and experimenting at my tying bench. I just came up with something. It looked good at my bench as any other large soft-hackles of mine. So on Saturday morning, under overcast condition with snow, I sought for an answer ONLY IF trout would respond....... Out of sudden the first one crashed..........

Small but feisty rainbow didn't let it go either........

Just after a few minutes, I felt a vicious take!!

Not the biggest but splendid Browny!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'd proudly like to introduce my brandnew large soft-hackle: Mr. O-O (October Orange). Which essentially myself with orange shirts and scarf..........
Today, Sunday, it was slow in several ways; windy in town but not at creek (till noon), there was only one angler other than me, and of course fish-bites.........!! I didn't have much time to tie flies last night for some reason so I might as well have utilized a slow period efficiently by tying flies and supplementing my boxes at Eva's Hut. What's on my travel-vise........??

I was experimenting and trying new stuffs along with BWO hatches (more below), yet  I did get into a massive run-up rainbow!!!!

A quick underwater photo without wetting my sleeves!!

Again on Mr. O-O. See the gape was almost opened...............
As for BWO hatch, they are still there (somewhat depending on weather patterns) and producing probably the most technical and the most challenging match-the-hatch situation of the year. Yesterday, it was a great hatch but trout were SUPER-SUPER picky.......Today, it was a so-so hatch with a few rising trout...... Either way, I got some actions but........ At the point of ending the prime fishing and major hatch, I'm always learning & observing. I hope BWO hatch will last some more so I can conduct some more experiments.........
I'm haunted by spring-creek. 


  1. Mr, Yamamoto,

    I realize this is an old post, but I must respond.

    You an I are on the same page, at least in one way, in that I have been working on some larger, #6-#10. soft hackles patterns. I am a steelhead guy, west coast,and specifically address the the October Caddis fly, some time called the Autumn Sedge or Fall Caddis

    I enjoy your posts...


  2. Rick,
    Thanks for bringing up my old post & one of my favorite patterns!
    I once lived in Yakima Valley. I think Oct Caddis hatch on Yak coincides with fall-run salmon & steelhead. My interests in large soft-hackles for trout lead me to steelhead patterns (though I haven't fished) then eventually Atlantic Salmon Flies.
    It's about time for me to swing Coyote and O-O around here!!