Sunday, November 25, 2012

Average Day......

Just an average day and fishing at DePuy's ( but couple of nice fish and thoughts to share.
At one spot, I hooked a nice brown on a scud/sowbug pattern trailed behind an egg. He was strong, running and fighting. Then a medium size rainbow attacked on the egg during the fight!! Both GONE.......

However I could bring in a nice "Yellowstone Steelhead"!!
 It was not as cold as it looked. We got some snow today but no winds. Just little a bit wet.

Caught some browns of course.

I don't have to post a picture of this fly, do I?


Actual size................

Today's massive hit fly was this plain gray "Ray Charles" that I tied with size 16 2XL Curved hook (Dai-Riki 280 or MFC 7231). It's based on my stomach sampling. I've been collecting large sowbugs. Then I don't really see sowbugs that are curled up!! And who said we have to tie scud/sowbug with designated scud hooks!!??
With just a little twitch, keep showing new flies to trout is important and that makes me an innovator and observer.

The very last bite was BIG & STRONG!! Could have been foul-hooked but anyway HEAVY!! I tried to muscle it out as it tried to run into grassy cutbank......Didn't move like a rock.......gone.....
Browns' run is very strong and seems still coming. So rainbows keep coming in. Let me see what will happen as winter goes by.

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