Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back to Large Soft Hackles

Title says it all.... Hatches of midges and BWOs were sparse and very short = so were rising trout. Weather was nicer side but.......things can be changed day by day at this time of the year in Paradise Valley.

However there always are trout to be taken by various methods. In the morning I caught a little rainbow and "pumped"!! Two eggs came out, which was same menu as my breakfast!!

I never get bored by catching fish with my "Mr. O-O" consistently each time.

"COYOTE-Version 2 (Double Pheasant Soft Hackle)" is also showing constant catches!!

 Another several-pounder!!

Either about spawning-runs or BWO hatches and many other information, I keep reporting as long as I visit DePuy's Spring Creek ( so stay tuned!

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