Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still Dry-Fly, Experiment, & SURPRISE!!

As all of readers out there have noticed, I finally started "long-awaited"(!?) tying videos/instructions via YouTube. I set up a side-bar on the right. Also I try to update "Tying Video" page every time I upload videos with links of YouTube addresses. I'm learning to take videos without blurs, at least as less as possible. I think I'm getting. My speech could be shakey though I have no actual audience in my house......... If you have any questions and comments, just let me know!!

So in the morning, I was filing/sending tying orders and shot two more videos. Weather was wonderful for November!! Up to 40s and NO WINDS!!! I figured there might be one more chance for dry-fly fishing!! As I checked into DePuy's ( at about 1PM, a bit later than I planned, one angler told me BWO was hatching and trout were rising! (but he stopped fishing for that??). I did make sure trout were rising first and rigged up my dry rod. I believe what he saw and said about BWO but by the time I was ready to fish, there were lots of midges!!!
My favorite go-to Foam Emerger!!

Suddenly something sipped my fly and tugged my line!! OH!!!!!!!

It was a nicely fall-colored solid rainbow with 6X tippet!!
I tried one more!! Very strong fish!!

I had one more rise on my fly but lost it. But what a lucky day that I could still fish for hatches with dry-flies!!
Experiment time!! Well, this is not for experiment any more. Chewy Green Caddis Larva is a brandnew catching machine of mine!! (WATCH YouTube for how to tie!! I'm showing how to tie this secret fly for FREE in public!!)

Nice buck Rainbow, who is usually a "sucker for eggs", didn't take eggs but Chewy!!


However that wasn't all....................Suddenly at totally unexpected spot (though not secret), I set my hook for the indicator and I felt "BIG!!!", then I screamed "OH MY FISHING LORD!!" as submarine started to pull my line out with a couple of leaps!! It's been a while that I experienced this much "heavy-weight" fight. My rod arm got sore and about to rot off!! I took my warming glove from my right hand as I knew I had to go under to net him. Chases and tug-of-war went on.......... Finally I got him in!!

Probably THE BEST of 2012!!!!!

Something wrong with this tape-measure? Well, I really don't care exactly how big or long..........

One more shot as I don't know when I experience like this next time..............

Seems like big browns are still coming into creek and more rainbows are following!! It's red-hot here at DePuy's!! You should come and fish!! (only if you don't mid winds..........)


  1. Good Night! What am i doing in Wisconsin?!

    1. Hey what's going on? Fish spring creeks in WI, then!