Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cold & Snow, So...........

Past three days, I was doing some "office" stuffs but also weathers weren't "BWO-ish".

This morning turned out to be cold. I kept my boat ready in case of guided trips for die-hard fall anglers and kept forgetting or putting this away even in November. I finally took seat-covers off for hibernation........Thanks, my boat, for the hard work!!

So it was cold and snowy, I HAD TO go to DePuy's (!! It's been a while since I did streamer fishing at one of my streamer spots. ATTACK!!

Then I was going to fish with my nymph rig........ I was pretty much giving up but at certain spots, trout started to rise!!! I was positive they were on midges but also there still were a few BWO hanging around.

My go-to Goose Biot Midge!!
 I actually missed a few big ones!! Hatch and rise lasted very short. But I was really happy to catch one on dry-fly!!

 I took a liberty of "pumping"........Thanks, small one. Actually there were more BWO inside than midges. Interesting.

Experiment time!! I've been trailing my new design under experiments and trails with an egg pattern. I do that because at least I should be able to catch trout with eggs and "pump" them to study more!! Then again, I don't do much pumping on browns recently as they are most likely not feeding a lot. Anyway, nice one on egg!!

I was experimenting this one: "Chewy Green Caddis Larva". Caddis larvae are as abundant as mayfly nymphs and midge larvae!! I know because I've done kick-seines lots of times!!
 Even nicer one, huh!!??


Really good one!!

Then the moment I set the hook, I felt it had to be BIIIIIIIIGGU!!! I confess it was foul-hooked somewhere on the body yet it was strong!! It's been a while that I had to chase a big trout.  I fell on my butt!! along the way (which has also been a while) and finally netted him. I taped and this is so far THE LARGEST of the year = 21-inch!!  
However he just slipped away before trophy pictures..........We were both exhausted so it was OK..........

Next experiment, this is more like "confirmation", is L.L. Beads!! - Size 20 & 22 (below) as midge larva (worm). Check my sales catalogue!!

HAHAHAHA!! I knew trout like it!!

Three in a row!! = Quickly caught up with the egg!!

Last one, another respectable brown, was on egg. Call for the day...........

I have more flies to test!! And there always are lots of trout in DePuy's!!
I don't know other people's cold tolerant level so I can't recommend to come or promise nice & happy days but creek will be running all winter!!

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