Friday, November 9, 2012

Colder & More Snow, So...........

Here in SW Montana, we woke up with stack of snow on the ground and on our cars. Probably it already equals to last winter's accumulation.......Just kidding......... Let's see what kid of winter we will experience.

As soon as snow stopped, well, I was at DePuy's ( It was colder than yesterday (eventually became much much colder by evening due to Norther). I thought I wouldn't see hatches any more........ There were a few unseasonal PMD on the water!! That tells, "it's not cold, everyone!!, get out and fish!!".

I also noticed BWO were still hanging in there. I started to see some rises in spite of this brutal weather above water. At one spot, I fished in a different way today. Due to winds' direction and ripples caused by winds, I approached trout from down-stream and made "up-&-cross" casting. A couple of trout seemed happily rising. There came my own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple.......
Perfect hook-set!!  Nice strong leaping Rainbow!!! Then I realized I forgot my net at my truck!! From past experience, I knew the consequence = no pictures or poor pictures. So before it happened, I made sure take a proof pic!! While she was on the end of my line!!

Just cropped for bigger image. She's there!
I did got her into my hands. Very beautiful, wide, & rainbow!! Here image is in my memory, though not in my camera......

There seemed one or two more trout rising there. I quickly ran back to my truck and grabbed my net. I tied on CDC Sparkle Dun.

Little cute Cutty!! Surprising to see Cutty rising on dry-flies at this time of the year!!

This could be the last rising trout on BWO for the year for me. I was sincerely happy!!

Now time for experimentation!! Heavily influenced by Matt Minch's Bead, Hare, & Copper (at Parks' Fly Shop), my version is BPC = Bead, Pheasant, & Copper.
When BHC is derived from Hare's Ear, my reasoning is "how about Old Pheasant Tail?". I tied Pheasant Tail in BHC proportion... I've been anxious to test it!!


Some of the best & strongest brown I've ever caught!!
Another killing discovery was this different style/size of Chewy Green Caddis Larva (that I posted yesterday). Believe, I hooked several trout in a short while. One put really good fight and snapped my tippet off. Rest were all gone before coming to me. There are lots of Caddis Larva like this!!

Tomorrow with or without snow, anyway it's gonna be colder. I am already feeling it. Then on Sunday, all these dry powder snow will be blown in side way, which I don't doubt!! So I will be doing more tying inside. Stay warm!!

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