Friday, November 16, 2012

Midge!! & More Experiments = Amazing New FLY!!

My last post is getting a MASSIVEST HIT since I started this blog. Thank you for dropping by. I was just lucky. That's all........ Come and fish DePuy Spring Creek ( to try you luck!!
Today, winds weren't blowing in Livingston. Weird in a way. I don't have a slighted idea how this winter will be........ Anyway I got to creek by 1pm. YES!! Midges were hatching and trout were rising at a certain spot!! "The first fish was the largest, baby I know" (sing like "The First Cut is the Deepest".............). My Foam Emerger was broken.......... Oh my thumbnail is colored so as I was playing with manicure at my tying bench........

Goose Biot Midge was my lucky fly today!
 Nothing wrong with this little one!!
Then I got another nice rainbow!!  Reach-cast, distance, angle, and hook-set, everything gotta be perfect for midge fishing!!

However, stomach sample showed, well, BWO.........I noticed they were still flying......Interesting.
Experiment time!! I was anxious to try my brandnew design that I came up ONLY yesterday morning!!! First fish!!
 Second fish!!

This was already more than I expected!! I felt I could exaggerate as if I had already caught 1,000!!

Trout kept biting!!!

See the shape of this 'Bow!!!

This one was on egg..............
 Definitely worth sharing as he (or she?) is one of the fattest I've ever seen at DePuy's......

And call for the day was again on my new pattern!!

I lost another big one. By then it was torn up like this.........

OK. Secret is unfolded. Do you remember this stomach sample from October? (I don't link here). What I was working on was a snail pattern!! This was not the only one stomach sample that contained snails. Also almost every kick-seine collects snails too. Trout here in Livingston might be partial to French cuisine = escargot!!??

 This is my expression at my bench. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my own "Mummy Snail"!! I will discuss later on why it's named so, most likely for my tying video. Ribbing wire is not wrapped evenly on purpose.

Although I keep working on and experimenting some more, I can give it a go. It out-fished eggs!! I already know why this one works. Trout at DePuy's have never seen this before and not many anglers try to fish for snails. Let me see what I come up with next!

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