Saturday, November 24, 2012

Minor or Secret?

Probably some of you readers might have noticed that now I've got a "contributor". What happened was I seem to have used up my own pic storage/capacity (free amount).  So I was told (but tit may still work every now and then?). Anyway I had to create my alter-ego = Lefty Angler. He's writing on behalf of me with his brandnew Google account!! I have started to re-size and reduce sizes of files from now. It's an extra work with photo software but it's true that uploading here is much faster!!
So I visited DePuy Spring Creek ( again. I just love to fish minor or less popular stretches on purpose with maniac methods and flies........... It's no secret or anything but no other anglers don't care to fish there or don't care to use that kind of flies. And I was just "shotgunning" all afternoon......
Today's stomach samples were like this......... Apparently they were eating different stuffs from Thanksgiving!!
 Smallest trout I caught today contained the most, really...........

By matching to what I saw, I kept fishing!
I've never caught what really defined as Steelehead but most of pics in magazines look like this, doesn't it?
Oh, this was on, well, popular desert........

Of course I trailed my L.L. Beads size 20 red behind.

I confess here. I thought I snagged weedbed so I tried to recast twice then he was ON!!!
 Happy with L.L.!!

Then next one was the second one of this month that really worked me!!


Snail time?

I was again at a minor even maniac spot (though not secret).........

I'll fish another minor and less populated spot tomorrow.

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