Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Afternoon at Armstrong's 2 & New Junk Premier

It's a grueling task that I have to go fishing whenever I can, especially in the middle of Montana winter. Today, I was afraid of another cold winds working on my body but I toughened up and decided to visit Armstrong's in O'Hair Ranch (www.armstrongspringcreek.com). As an owner/GM/breeder of cattle breeding operation, I can't help watching their cows before fishing. Mama cows were peacefully chewing cuds and seemed ready for newborn babies soon......

Winds weren't bad at all at the creek. I started from The Spring.
 I covered the upper half of creek. Though I didn't see any rising trout today, I could imaginarily see them along with PMDs hatching on summer days....... Can't wait!!

I caught several then lost the same numbers....... I want to catch fish just like any other days and places, but also I can't help experimenting......! In my notes and observation, it's not really streamer-ish yet...... But I did with trial versions in experimental methods!! I was delighted but, to be honest, I wasn't surprised that my methods and new flies worked.

I've been working on my tying bench for a series of streamers for spring creeks. I have several versions/colors. Apparently some background stories are behind....... I will talk about that later on. So for now, I just post one of them, which is in close appearance with the one above.

 Watch carefully this part!! Yes, I'm inspired by............

At the very end of day, I had a very subtle take........ My body instinctively reacted to set the hook. In spite of such a subtle take and soft hook-set, that "thing" at the end of my line started to run like a submarine that lost its control..............gone...... No trophy shot today......

I will try to get back to Armstrong's while Winter rate lasts. As in down-stream neighborhood (= DePuy's), fishing will get better as spring gets closer (insect hatches and spring runners)!!

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