Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back to DePuy's: End of February - Run Goes On

Today, I went back to DePuy's Spring Creek ( Tomorrow I have a schedule for Master Breeder, so today's is the last day of fishing of this month. I have counted I fished ONLY 13 DAYS out of 28. Darn! 1 day short to be the half of month!!

It was a bit windy and air temp wasn't so cold. I entered Angler's Hut, one of three resting huts, for a while and I admit I fell into a short nap........ Back in business, I started to explore likely spots as always. "I KNEW you are there!!" It wasn't big but I figured definitely an "egg-sucking" brown!!

His content.........Eggs & Worms!!

With the very next cast toward the same spot, I had another hit!! Good rainbow!!

Don't be scared!! She had much much more eggs in!!!!!!
Here's another story that will scare you readers......... I couldn't help tasting one of them!!......and I did!! Trust me it was nothing different from "Salmon Roe on Sushi"!!  

 It was good enough for me. I did catch trout at where I aimed and was able to study stomach contents. I had a few more spots to fish but I wasn't so expecting as other angler(s) had gone through with their own methods (I'm in no shoe to criticize as I'm not guiding them!). But I gave some shots. "Perseverance will pay off", as we often say but also I will add "Observation". I have observed and developed "grids" within "spots" where most of anglers won't notice.......
Then do you think I caught this Giant with a simple Egg??
No..............As I keep reporting recently trout are favoring BWO nymphs over eggs, in spite of stomach samples. B.P.C. (Bead. Pheasant. Copper) size 16 & 18 is the meal ticket!!
Again check my sales site or YouTube tying video to have B.P.C. in your boxes!!
Spring Run will continue and will get stronger!! But as pictures suggest some rainbows have just started spawning anywhere along the creek. So please be aware of redds and stay away from trout that are actively mating. See you along the creek!

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