Friday, February 15, 2013

TIED!!! How Many Days Will It Be This Year?

NOTE: I keep working on updating "Trout Food Sources" page above. This is really fun!! But also I do believe some of you out there "spring creek enthusiasts" will find this page interesting and useful. Here are samples of my recent collection. I have designed many fly patterns based on these. Then I have tested and caught trout. You can find my patterns in my sales site ( or watch my YouTube videos!!

Spring BWO nymph
SO!! As title says, I have made 50th & 51st visits to DePuy Spring Creek ( yesterday and today, respectively, which means I have caught up with last year's days with Winter Pass!!
Here's analysis. As of today (Feb 15), I visited 51 days out of 124 days (since Oct 15, 2012) = I visited every 2.4 days. And 58 days left till April 14th, 2013. Let's see how many more days I will make at DePuy's. But also I have to visit Armstrong's ( and float & fish Yellowstone River once it warms up!!

Yesterday I was the only one at creek. I found unidentified & mysterious foot-prints along banks!!?? Is this Japanese Kappa??

 Fishing was average. I had fun anyway on this snow yet calm day. One little brown had a particular mark/stain/tattoo.........
Browns are gaining back their weight and aggression!!
 Lucky catch at the end!
Today, this is what I did for the first couple of hours. Again, check "Trout Food Sources" page above to see my effort!!

Then, I can't emphasize how delighted I was with this catch!!
From "SUCKER" experience of the other day, I've been designing Sucker Minnow (baby sucker) imitations. In my opinion and observation, now is not a quite appropriate time to test streamers (as trout are not really eager to move). But at least I could test how it would be cast, sink, and swim. I was fishing very slow and deep. This little one took it so aggressively!! I guess I'm in a right track!! I will keep testing (and catching!!). Then I will show you recipes (yes, I have a few versions for trails)!!

At the very end of the day, I thought my little BWO nymph snagged on the bottom or rocks. But I didn't recall snagging structures there. I tried to unhook my fly, only then I realized it was MOVING!!!! Apparently my little nymph was snapped off........ No way to guess its size. Just heavy!! Some of you observant readers know what this mean and what's going on the creek......

This year, I don't really set "how-many-days" line. I just fish!! See you along the creek!!

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