Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fly News & Another...........What Now?

FLY NEWS!!: I did custom tying of two original patterns (out of many more others), that I have developed especially for Livingston's spring creeks, for Buzz at Spring Creek Specialists Fly Shop ( within DePuy's property ( It's a nice little shop, totally dedicated for spring creek flies (and supplies such as leaders etc). Most of all anglers who have fished creeks would have said hi to Buzz. For those anglers who plan to fish creeks in near future, I'm sure you will do the same!
Sparkle Crane Larva - tan. This has been already posted on my sales site (here). Also I have posted a tying video on my YouTube channel. Look for from side bar or click a link written in "Tying Video" page above.

That's bunch of........creatures.........

Spring Creek Stone Nymph. I haven't posted this on my sales site nor have shot a tying video yet. This is, well, very unique and innovative in terms of tying and imitation itself!
 First of all, let me tell you, stonefly nymphs DO exist in spring creeks!!

I could go on.......but I may make another post for this subject later on.
It's only two patterns but I'm very glad that my original designs are "inducted" in the "spring-creek-dedicated shop". My flies are in bins among other great flies!! Some of them are tied or designed by other great spring creek specialists and enthusiasts!!! Come and check out!!
Yesterday, after I delivered flies to Buzz, I fished some. OK to so-so fishing which ended with nice 'Bow!! This was caught on Stone Nymph above!!
Today, it was another wind-less day here in Paradise Valley, though it was a bit colder.
 I saw Spring BWO (baetis), folks!! No rising trout yet, but right now small BWO-imitation nymphs work well!!
 Rainbows are getting ready for spawning, I guess. This size puts lots of fights on me!!

Then.....................I'm not going to use "SURPRISE" for this post and probably not any more for this year................ HUGE Sucker in the last post was enough. I get used to big fish (don't punch me or don't cut holes on tires of my truck!!...........).
I proceeded to "A Spot" where I caught BROWN for 2013 on January 30th (no link here as it was only two post below). It's not a secret spot or anything. Just a spot, where most of anglers fish every now and then. However, I fish this spot a bit different from others with my special flies........
I got a BIG TUG again!! But my mind seems to have been shaped up for "ON" by those previous surprises in a row. I noticed it was BIG again BIG!!

I roared for Victory!! It was on my Spring Creek Stone Nymph that I brought to Buzz!!
 How big? Though I didn't actually tape it, longer than my right arm!!
 I don't think this was the same one that I caught on January 30th. Some "cosmetic" signs and over all shapes/appearances were different. Which means there are some good ones like this all the time in DePuy's!!

Another achievement for today was that I pumped stomach of whitefish for the first time!! (I bet nobody wants to see proof pics of me working on it!!) Great success!!

Toward end of the day, I caught a really nice & jumpy rainbow with small Bead, Hare, & Copper.

 And the last shot................Definitely a run-up buck rainbow!!!
 As I was releasing him, I thought this picture looks very artistic......

I will "stop worrying for continuously catching big fish this early in the year". I just keep fishing!

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