Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trout+Atlantic Salmon Flies+New Gear = I'm Happy!!

Weather was improved. At the same time Master Breeder "Propaganda" tour has also started.

So I hit DePuy's ( as always. I'm not sure if the cold days affected or not but somehow I'm catching more brown trout than rainbows. Actually all browns. Nothing wrong with that. Sooner or later, rainbows are coming into the creek!

Just at my regular spot, I set the hook for the take. Gotcha! Nice one!........... Then I thought "I know you!!" If you scroll down to the last post, you see a nice brown I'm holding. That was on 8th. 5 days later, I caught her again!! If you enlarge both photos and compare spots (colors, patterns, and locations) and many other traits, you would agree with me that this is the same fish!!
Scars on the back look familiar too.
This fish and the rest, I caught them with one single pattern; L.L. Beads.
Never underestimate the power of this stupid looking fly!!
So here's a revival.

I'm having great times at my bench with Atlantic Salmon Flies. It's something.
Childers: Over all I'd like to call it very good! I wish I should have chosen a topping with less curvature. Other than that I like my work for each element, particularly horns.

Green Highlander: I decided to re-work on this one since November. To be honest, I have started to see & notice "touches" (I'm saying "ugly"!!) on my past ties. This is the growth of mine. Now I can critique my own. I wanted to see how much progress I have made in 3 months. It ended the under-wing kicking up somewhat. I didn't fix well and enough before attaching the main-wing. But over all, I can see clear differences. I set wing and topping short from the tail on purpose.

McIntyre: This is a bit unique & interesting pattern for me to tie. Honestly I should have tied with a 4/0 hook! (this is 2/0). Yet I'm satisfied with over all appearance, especially the nice little wool-head!

Last but not the least, I just got a new gear for this upcoming fishing/guiding season! I was at a hardware store in town and looking for some framing devices and parts for my Atlantic Salmon Flies (more about that later). Then in the discount rack, I found this nice little LED light with lithium batteries!! This should last a looooooong time. And this will help me and my clients till dark, especially at spring creeks!! I'm already excited!!

I have started new antler projects as of today. So I'll be busy again with fishing the creek, antler projects, and Atlantic Salmon flies!!

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