Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Spring" Fishing Report!!

As the title suggests, I can say "spring has come" though my attire remains the same as during winter! We should be ready for some more snow and freezing temperature but spring is pushing winter out of its way. Most importantly trout are definitely in the spring mode!! Let's review how I did last week.

At DePuy spring creek (, in a calm (no wind, that is) and overcast afternoon, I finally spotted rises. Though it looked only a few to several trout were doing so, action prolonged for a certain duration. They were rising for Spring BWO (Baetis)!! I got the first dry-fly catch of the year!! Happy!!
 Just making sure.......
More numbers of rainbows are coming into the creek. And I started to see bigger individuals as the day goes by!!
This was the different one from the above. About the same size at the same spot!

Then I still can't help but trying Atlantic Salmon flies at trout. These are basically large attractor wet flies. Especially this one, Silver Doctor, has an egg-like impression plus minnow-like belly.

I did get one!! And it was big!! I messed up the "selfie" and let the trout swim away........
This one was also caught on the Silver Doctor, though I couldn't take pictures while it was still on the mouth.

I rotated flies. What was this?
This was one of Carrie Stevens' feather wing streamers, which was a little detour project in-between Atlantic Salmon flies during winter.

Brown seemed this type more than rainbows.
Back to the Silver Doctor, I finally took proof pics!!
It was taken & bitten by trout!!
Silver Doctor is on & hanging down from this big one's mouth!!

Later in that afternoon, I got a big brown..........wait........... I know her!! I haven't done close examinations but I'm sure she's the same individual caught by me TWICE ALREADY!!. Check back my posts on Feb 9 and Feb 16. I'm sure we are "tied" to each other with some tight clinch knots.........

Next afternoon, I was again experimenting and rotating those "gaudy" wet-flies...... Honestly large rainbows like these big bright wet flies!!

Durham Ranger was literally crashed!!
They don't care how long it takes for me to tie one!! But I'm happy!!

 Last but not the least, I'd like to post "the occasion". Things just happened simultaneously and coincidentally.
1. For St. Patrick Day, I decided to cook corned beef & cabbage for the first time in 7 years (that I recall). I sure must have eaten brisket through these years but I haven't cooked in my house.
2. I just had a business trip to Butte = Biggest Irish town (I think!) in Montana (check out Master Breeder site). So I'd love to bring some pasty = traditional meal for old Irish miners = at The Famous and one & only Joe's Pasty Shop!!
3. So I felt I'm obliged to do something with Irish tradition. Now I got a reason to take a break from commercial trout fly tying and completed a Thunder and Lightning - Irish Pattern.

Corned beef & cabbage, then pasty with brown gravy, and a traditional Irish fly pattern. Can't be more Irish than this plate?

I admit the body hackle is unbalanced.......... I'll do better next year with different Irish patterns.

Hopefully everyone is having a good weekend, filled with some hearty foods.
I'm ready to fish hard next week!!

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