Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spring Creek Report & "Unnamed Project"

This past week, weather turned more winter-like. I would again say it's a "moderate winter". Nobody around here misses blizzards of last year this time but I don't like too dry & warm winter either. I'd rather feel the season.

I chose somewhat cloudy afternoons to visit DePuy's Spring Creek ( Following pictures show it was "colorful"!!
Very nice brown for this year.
Warm enough to do this!
And this!
Rainbows are doing something.............
Then when condition is right (somewhat warm and bright but no wind), midges are hatching! I had fished for constant rising trout (less than an hour though) for the first time this year! I had fun and was happy regardless of fish size!
Then, my Atlantic Salmon Fly season is turning into the final stage. I wasn't sure, as of last November, how it would be due to all the business matters (Outfitter application, business set-ups, etc). I wasn't sure what the final project would be. I have been posting my flies and framing (and rest of business is going well). I have chosen the most ambitious and challenging task for myself. It's to complete "Unnamed Patterns from the 19th Century" introduced by the late Al Cohen in this book.
I posted one of three in the previous post. Well, here's the one on the cover. As seen or not, you be the judge.
Then another, perhaps the most complicated among three, as seen in Al's chapter.
For the framing, just like anything else, I did have a plan and an idea but I wasn't sure if I could achieve it or how it turned out. More unsure than my flies!! But I guess miracle could happen to anyone. This is what I came up with.
All three are assembled in a 18" x 14" shadowbox with my personal memoir to one of our ancestors.
This is Round 1!!
I already started Round 2 last night!! I hope to reproduce flies in the same quality and appearance. But I'm not sure about the framing yet. I might do exactly the same or change colors etc. Maybe overall I keep improving!


  1. Nice fish...but man , those flies are just incredible! That takes some serious talent to do that kind of work , love the framing and how you placed them for display. That's definitely something to be proud of.

  2. Thanks for kind words. I don't know about the talent but surely these flies require some time to complete. Say, Unnamed #2 took me about 13 hours!?