Sunday, February 15, 2015

(Temporarily) Winter Day

It's been too nice weather = over 60F = but today temporarily winter came back. Livingston folks woke up with  a sheet = 1-inch = of snow and cloudy sky. My kinda day! I called in DePuy's Spring Creek ( and showed up, as always, 12:30. Then I realized all the show was gone and the sun was somewhat on. Hmmmm funny weather. I also noticed the creek was booked in full! Wow, that's great for this time of year. But I guess I know how to scoot around others and find somewhere to fish, then actually catch one or two.
A very satisfying River 'Bow!
This brown fought like rainbows = swim hard and come at me!
 I was surprised by the shape of this brown. I thought it looked like the summer-shape for this time of year.
It may sound a bit too early, but I have started to work on the final Salmon Fly project for the season (till spring). It's due to my new business matters and aforementioned East Idaho Fly Tying Expo.

I just can't write a whole story here but I will do a tribute dressing for Al Cohen with his "Three Unnamed Patterns from the 19th Century" in:
I started with No.3 (in order of appearance, not named so).
This one looked the LEAST complicated among three but............
As of now, I'm working on the second dressing and a grand framing scheme.
I keep my progress posted, as well as weather report!

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