Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Fishing!

I think it's one of the exception years that, here in SW Montana, residents are feeling the sun and spring way before "First Day of Spring" on the calendar. Typically we would mourn and complain "oh, it's supposed to be spring but......what about this cold weather? Snow?", the end of March. We might. No matter what, I don't think this blog title is not misleading or exaggeration. Rivers and creeks are in the spring mode! So am I. I'm shifting into the spring mode! I fished for the past 5 days in a row! Wow!

Before I go onto the fishing report, here are my last work to wrap up my salmon fly season. I framed the last two.

These are available for sale. Also inquiries and custom orders are always welcome.

Now fishing report!
It's not just because of nice weathers, I go fishing for reasons and objectives.
DePuy's Spring Creek are already packed with full of spring-run rainbows! It's the greatest timing to test my new product, S-Y Indicator. It responds oh-so-well!! See the color & size variations (and many other stories & theories) in the link.
Definitely DePuy's is my primary fishing destination for this time of year but I have started looking around other waters too. Yellowstone River is my next go-to destination!
 Oh, yeah! Just as I expected..........
During a short period of afternoon, I've been picking up some match-the-hatch dry-fly fishing at DePuy's. It can be midges or baetis. I haven't encountered any explosive hatch/rise actions or sizable trout yet. But it's simply fun, regardless of size of trout, and a good sign for the upcoming actions!
Just FYI............
Then Renee started joining my fishing excursions from this past weekend. She was new to fly-fishing. We would find out how useful this Outfitter could be.......
Our first destination was Armstrong's Spring Creek on O'Hair Ranch.
Winds weren't cooperative =aka mean = but we picked hits here and there.
 Congratulations for your first fly-fishing trout on one of legendary waters!
Next day, we fished DePuy's Spring Creek.
We had red-hot actions from the beginning! We had good hits but couldn't really net any........until this 5th bite!!
 This was only one brown we caught.

I didn't have to teach her how to hold trout for better pictures.

 I did fish a few.....
 She even out-fished me with the dry-fly!
Here's a new lunch menu for 2016 season. Cheese Burger with grilled tomatoes!!
After hatch and lunch, fishing remained great.
This was toward the end of the day, another colorful river-run rainbow! Good work Renee!!

It's been a great start of March. My expectation for this spring fishing is very high!

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