Monday, February 29, 2016

February Wrap Up

NEWS: I will be attending East Idaho Fly Tying Expo in this coming April. I had great time last year and am very much looking forward to getting back. Besides my floor sessions, I am conducting a Workshop where I introduce and instruct flies for Livingston's spring creeks. Besides hands-on instructions, as an active outfitter and a spring creek specialist, I will discuss concepts of fly development and how to fish with those flies.
Expo website will be updated more as the days get closer. Keep checking and, either floor or workshop, see you there!!

Today, the Leap Day = an extra day once in every 4 years = , is a perfect day for me to make this post. Last week was so very productive. I am wrapping up the month with happy notes.
I visited DePuy's Spring Creek in afternoons of Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, following the previous week, I spotted rising trout. Midges, very very small ones, are hatching.  I had a couple of close calls but no real hook-ups on my dry-flies or suspending pupa patterns. On Friday, I was determined. At the first spot, another couple of close calls! - those trout in the group were in respectable sizes. Actions slowed down but it was hard to leave the spot. Yet practically I left the spot for the another potential rising spot. Luckily I guessed right. I spotted another group of rising trout. Trout seemed smaller yet they were also feeding on micro-midges with so-so eagerness. I admit I had a fear of losing again. With some more concentration, I induced a violent rise!! I knew it wouldn't be a monster size but was fighting very feisty. I scored the first match-the-hatch trout of the season!
See how small midges were (plus suggested nymph patterns).

Then my Atlantic Salmon Fly season is also successfully wrapped up as of last week!!
My very last attempt was Tippetwitchet (Major John P. Traherne) on Partridge HE2 2/0 - a giant hook, I ever worked on!! This pattern really challenged my nerve and patience, besides all other salmon fly requisite techniques.............
I finished the cheek & throat like this on purpose. Besides I was a bit short of blue feathers in the same size, by doing so, other side is Golden Butterfly.

And then final procedure is framing. I started framing one by one for single framing, in order of fly completion.

Two more to frame........... I'm always up for custom orders and commissions with salmon flies. It's just the time to wrap up my own projects and from now on, I will work on trout flies (orders and filling boxes). Then I will go fishing more! and I will get ready for the Expo!!

March will be busy and content too!!

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