Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unnamed Week

Toward the end of last week, I caught a little cold, instead of any trout on the creek............ So in spite of warm conditions, I stayed inside and let it go.
No fishing report but luckily my salmon fly routine had not been affected. Rather I concentrated more than ever. But also I knew other reasons: I'm feeling my salmon fly season is coming to the end as spring approaches. I have a couple of single-fly framing plans. After two biggest group framing projects since last fall, framing one fly is definitely easier and less pressure. But, as always, no salmon fly comes easy. And I tend to choose challenging ones........
The first fly I completed was one of my all time fancies.
 An Unnamed Pattern From The 19th Century, introduced by Al Cohen.

 Dressed on a 6/0 Partridge Sprite Pryce-Tannatt, this is the largest fly I ever accomplished.
It'll soon be framed.

Although I'm not fishing, I do experience the weather. I honestly feel like spring already....... Will it be like this time of last year? I will find out when I go back to the waters.