Monday, February 22, 2016


As of this typing, it's cooled down to winter-like temperature, but last week it got really warm (and we are soon expecting back the same), up to Upper 50F!!
I got over the cold (kinda......) and was able to get back fishing to DePuy's Spring Creek. In a good way, fishing condition has not been changed much, meaning it's VERY GOOD for this time of year!!
Several browns I have caught are very strong, just like those from last year this time.......
It seems (and I mean "seems") rainbows has been into "spring run" without taking much break from "winter run"............
Indeed majority of them are nicely colored up!
And then I did observe insect hatches and rises and I even fished for them (showing no pictures tell you how it went........). Just about the same date as last year............
Do these findings hint us the "cycle" of upcoming season and what to expect? Perhaps.........

Another cycle I'm following is at my bench: Atlantic Salmon Fly season. Projects that I assigned to myself are about to wrap up.
Following the Unnamed Pattern, I completed two more for single-fly frames.
Napoleon (Geo. M. Kelson)
It's on a Harrison-Bartleet 4/0. I personally like how hackles turned out. From the body-butt = claret hackle, through body-hackle = grizzly, to throat = yellow & blue & claret, barb lengths are increasing nicely. I did not pull down the grizzly hackles down on purpose, which is common in our modern methods, because I wanted them to match with the claret body-butt.
Evening Star (Major John Popkin Traherne)
 It's on a Harrison-Bartleet Dee 3/0, a very long shank hook. All the patterns by Major Traherne are challenging and intricate. It's easy to say artistic but hard to achieve. Over all very rewarding to work on. Though pictures don't show, three Jungle cock pairs are dressed on the top of hook shank too (The longest pair under the shank is considered as throat). They are hidden by Amherst feathers.
Originally I was planning 3 flies for 3 single-fly frames. But since these two came out well and smooth without any hassle, I decided to work on one more = a truly the last one for my own project (orders and inquiries are welcome all year around!).

Hope to report some dry-fly actions soon!

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