Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yellowstone Trip - Off the Fishing

This trip was a bit slow for fishing but I never fail to enjoy visiting Yellowstone country. Here are some scenes and reasons that I visit Yellowstone repeatedly. In this post, some are true and others are fantasy. Please judge with your sence of humor.

In Montana, you don't need seatbelt and there is NO speed limit. Here, me drinking (Gatorade), driving, no seatbelt, and taking a picture of myself, while going 87mph in 65.
In the evening of last day of the trip, I'd like to have a nice meal for a dinner. By then, I simply don't have time to get out. I am busy for fishing till the sunset, writing my log for the day, thinking what I am going to do on next days, checking flies, etc. I usually have a canned soup and salad and they are enough till I eat a big breakfast next morning.
My favorite place in the town of West Yellowstone is Buckaroo Bill. I try to eat Buffalo meat in order to reduce its population. They always scare me when I am fishing and cause jams on the roads. While fishing Gibbon during my June trip, 6 Buff bulls sneaked behind me about 80-feet or so, and forced me to cross the river. That night I had a Buff tri-tip sandwich and felt better!!
That evening (Sep 3rd), I saw a 1-lb Buff burger as NEW on the menu but that sounded too big for my metabolism. Instead I ordered an 8-oz New York cut Buff steak. Though it cost a bit more than a 1-lb Buff burger, I thought Buckaroo Bill would be closed when I visit in late Oct. In that case I have to wait till next year, so I ordered one of their bests.
This was probably one of the best steaks I ever had along with the sides. I ordered as "to-go" so I can watch TV in my motel room while eating......

Then nothing tastes better than Montana brewed beer after hard fishing days, especially in summer. Here are some trout-beer that I have tried.

Did I forget "Trout Slayer"? It's on my wall already along with a Simms hat from Bozeman.

These beers are some of my collections along with other Montana beer. I seldom pick up 6-packs for each. At the liquor store in West Yellowstone, I can buy mixed 6-packs to taste myself or give my friends and co-workers as sourveniors. So far, the darker, the better, those make me sip, rather than gulping, like I sip Canadian whiskey. My favorites are "Slow Elk" and "Powder Hound" from Big Sky Brewing Co.

Now I am heading back to my tying bench to tie a lot for the next trip. I think I have enough time till then to tie them all......


  1. Love the photo brimming with illegal behavior! I'm glad you didn't do that when you were driving me!

  2. Clare,

    Truth: In Montana nobody really wears seatbelt and everyone goes 85 in 75 on Interstate.

    Fantasy: When you get pulled over by cops, toss them some Montana beer, rather than Keystone or Busch, then they let you go!!