Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fly Shop Open!!!!

I finally decided to make a sales blog. Some friends of mine encouraged me to show my flies in public. I have also heard good reviews when I gave away my flies to my friends.
I just needed a time to think and figure things out. It took me about a month and cost me none thanks to this Blogger!!
My shop's name is "FISHY & CATCHY FLIES" at http://leftytyer.blogspot.com
as I'm left-handed!! I have just posted several flies and many more to come.
It will be an old school shop. I take your order and check and I tie flies for you!! Just give me a jingle if you like my flies. Also this shop will be mostly during off-season. For now, I am available to tie till April when I start breeding cows or guiding clients.
Well, my Regal Vise is ready to rock'n roll!!


  1. Satoshi—Congratulations on getting your tying operation going. Hope that it's a success for you in the off-season, and that you get enough biz to give that vise (and your new scissors) a work-out....

  2. Jason,
    Thank you for kind words. As of now here in Livingston, it's cold, colder than in January. I can't plan to go out some fishing so this online fly catalogue idea came out.