Friday, February 18, 2011

Qucik Fishing to 'Stone

Today, I woke up very slow in the morning. As I drunk my coffee and went into reading, I heard NO WIND at all!! I thought this Monday at DePuy would have been the last one for this month, as another cold spell is on the way, but I decided to get out in the afternoon. I went to Carters Bridge access which is only 3 miles away from my house. I heard some good streamer actions recently, dead-drifting or stripping very slowly. My plan was fish down-stream with streamers and fish up-stream with nymphs. Carters Bridge (up or down) is one of the longest section where one can walk and fish. There are troughs and drop-offs all along the bank.

There was no action on my way down. Just about where I decided to stop going down, right that moment the Norther started!! Very cold one!! I get used to Livingston's SW wind (strong and dry) but this Norther was simply ice-cold beyond any description. Suddenly my wader was flaked with ice and ice started accumulating on rod guides. I hooked two whitefish on my way up with nymphs. Didn't come to my net and camera though.......

Then I encountered a "Lost & Found" sort. It was an 9-wt Orvis rod (only lower piece out of 2-piece rod, might have been bottom two pieces of 4-piece but I didn't examine well) and Lamson GURU (same as mine!!) in the water!!?? It seemed to have had been abandoned for a while as several nymphs were hosting underneath. See the cute stonefly nymph.

I couldn't imagine how this could have been thrown away if that was an accident. (On purpose, one can do whatever one wants to do.) This Lamson GURU is a really nice hard-working reel so I thought about taking home but it seemed "gunked" very badly. Line didn't move at all. First come, first serve if you are interested!?
Wind was getting colder and colder so I had to quit. Yet I don't complain as it was lucky enough to go out fishing one more time before the cold days.
I reviewed my boxes and I decided to stock up more flies. Then in March, I will get a Montana "resident" fishing license and should be able to fish more!!

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