Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kansas Plain

(UPDATED: one photo is added at the end on 6/27 Wednesday)
Howdy folks. As predicted in my last post, blog title may temporarily be "Plains, Highways, & Cows". I'm very busy for breeding cows in Garden City, KS. I'm trying to take a short document video of "how cattle breeding goes" but it's too busy. I may be able to take one or two before I head back to Montana. So here are some "on the road" pics. Follow "time" that appears in each pic!! I left my house in Livingston, MT at the night of Tuesday 19th. Drove all night and I saw Sunrise somewhere in Wyoming.

From Wyoming, I entered Nebraska and was cutting through southwest corner into south.

I was finally driving straight south and just entered Kansas Plain.

It's not as humid as I was afraid of. Indeed it's simply hot & dry!!
Total, I drove almost 1000 miles over a night!!
Hard works keep me in shape and in quiet life. I have started to miss 50MPH gusts of Livingston.....really. Don't worry, I'm catching up up-to-minute fishing information so I can start guiding right after. Follow fishing report from Parks' Fly Shop. Besides, judging from USGS Water Flows, I don't think any guided float trips are on Yellowstone River yet. 
I will be back in Montana in a couple of days. So wait for my usual fishing reports and hot flies, and see you along the river this summer!

(UPDATED 6/27)
When a cow acts dumb funny, breeders go like this........... No restraints but corning and muscling!!

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