Friday, June 1, 2012

New Gizmo Testing

Yesterday evening, right after I posted the last post below, I made a lightning decision to visit Bozeman, looking for a camera/alternative meanwhile. It was somewhat compulsive but also it was to sooth my feeling. I had very good materials needed to take pictures.

I found a very good deal for a camera (not water-proof) that was for a clearance deal. It would have suffice my immediate needs. But also in this digital world, there always are pros-&-cons...... It's something between complement & practicality, between immediate needs vs exploration, or between options and costs, and more for comparisons that you can name.....

I picked up a cheap-end camcorder for a trial (assuming I can return for refund!). I noticed it didn't any good jobs for micro pictures, say, my flies on the vise. But it's water-proof. So today I wanted to see how it works outside for videos and pictures. It's very light so I shot a quick video on my way to town with my bicycle. I'd say it does express my visions.

Regular pictures? It's supposed to be better than disposable cameras....

I believe letters are clear enough for reading, would you agree??

And I played some more with more livelier creature. That's YUKI, my outfitter Dean's pooch.

I'm waiting for response from OLYMPUS and I do believe in their cameras that have been working for me over 4 years as you have been seeing on my blog!!
But when tragedy happens (so far two years in a row), I just need a backup every now and then. And this camcorder seems to be an alternative. I will soon shoot some underwater videos. At least I have tested in my bathtub and it's indeed water-proof.
So I'm inclined to keep this.......I just can't have pictures of my flies and up-close trout faces and skins. That's the negative side. But instead I can shoot OK quality video much quicker. Then once new Olympus arrives, I will take both at the same time!
Do you think I made a good decision?

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  1. Hmmmmmmmm.
    That color disturbances have not seen in my original files. Is that due to blogging process or quality of video? I have to figure it out....