Friday, June 8, 2012

The Park

Here in Southwest Montana, "The Park" means simply "Yellowstone National Park". Though fishing (and tourist season) has started two weeks ago, Memorial Day weekend, today was my Opening Day. Although my original intention of today was somewhat different (another story), I ended up fishing. (What's wrong with that?) I chose much quieter water, Gibbon River, compared to Madison and Firehole Rivers. Fishing was OK. Size didn't cooperate but walking along the meadow (without any people and cars in my vicinity) always makes me feel I may be time-tripping to 19th century.

Winds were nothing compared to those around Livingston. However, due to higher elevation, I felt colder........

When I got home and opened my screen door, there was a parcel. It was from OLYMPUS and contained a repaired camera of mine!! I really appreciate their quick service!! I can't be happier!!

As I was already busy fishing during winter and spring (today marks 51st Day out fishing!!), I like this quiet kind of start for summer. I have made sure that I know what I'm doing and got my gears ready!!

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