Sunday, March 29, 2015

Expo Update & End of March Report

NEWS: East Idaho Fly Tying Expo ( updated their website with the latest information and I'm in the list of demonstration tyers.
Short version: I'm pretty much tying all day on both April 17th & 18th.
Long version: On Friday 17th, I will be doing a morning session 8-11AM and another one in the afternoon 3-6PM. On Saturday 18th, from 10:45 to noon, I will tying at a Tying Theater, followed by an afternoon floor session Noon-4pm. I will be hanging around banquette and raffles afterwards.
I will be demonstrating my original spring creek patterns. Also I bring Atlantic Salmon Fly frames. Certainly it can a good weekend for fishing. But you need some good flies, don't you? Come and see what experts do. Hope to see you there.

OK, my regular entries.
This past week was a mix of weathers and results. Early in the week, DePuy's Spring Creek was booked full so I got a good reason to push myself and explore other waters. It's no secret but here I just mention "Spring Creek Channel". It's a very unique stretch. I fished with a different method from those I apply at real spring creeks. "Lazy" I may call but it's always fun to do something different every now and then. I honestly thought "ah.......snag..........."
 One of the biggest spring surprises in my notes!
 I kept on. "Ah.......this time it's gotta be a real snag............."

I caught only these two for a couple hours of fishing but they were worth 20 fish for me. I got hit by hales by the way as you could imagine from the sky.

Back at DePuy's, I had one of the greatest afternoons. At one particular stretch of the creek, midge actions were very good. I'd add "very unique" as it requires special rigging and techniques. I seem to getting a hang of it.

 See what their menu was.

I then checked my favorite stretch for Spring BWO (baetis) hatch. They were up!!
 With my own trials and along customers' testimonies, my flies are working very well!!
I nonchalantly went back to the "midge spot".   I still saw some activities........
Always learning & observing to inspire new fly patterns.
Before I put the stomach pump back into my vest pocket, I noticed something still on it. I was able to capture this moment!!

Here's the final shot!!
And today, Sunday, I hit the creek again. It was very nice to be outside. Protagonist was, again, midges. My new idea/design was immediately approved!
Once I figured out the "depth of water column" that they were feeding, I started to get lots of actions.
 Sage SLT at work!!
This is was a very strong brown which looked like already in a summer shape!!
Something else was also hatching.......
Then, I hooked into something that dashed and took all of my slack line!! I immediately worked with the reel.
Big!! But also, rather, THICK!! - one of the largest and the most memorable trout (brown & cutt combined) caught during the hatch fishing - small fly and 6X.
And then I had another big surprise..........
Rocky Mountain Bonefish, AKA, Yellowstone Grayling! The BIGGEST I ever caught during the hatch fishing!
Another thick one
Then another thick rod-bender!!!!
I believe this was a Cut-bow hybrid.
 Very strong!
 And then usual.

It seems like I will start the new week again on the River somewhere. Wait for the next update!

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