Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pre-Season Gear Review

It's been a while that I make a blog post in the middle of week, especially after I updated two posts regarding my Bighorn Trip. However, this time, I just happen to have enough materials to make one post quickly yet thoroughly.

My gear review is based on my needs as a guide and a commercial fly-tyer. That means I care and observe small gadgets - is it practical? Reasonable? Looks like long-lasting? - that sort of professional views, if not idiosyncrasy.

I dropped by Montana Troutfitters in Bozeman. I was looking for a fly-box for the reason below. WOW! This fits my bill and purpose!
 I wanted to offer a fly box for my fly-customer, filled with my original flies that I tied for the order.
 Then this Leader Keeper (or Dropper Rig Retainer, whatever it can be called) is VERY GOOD! The moment I saw it (and its price), I had to grab it! There are a few like this on the market, that I could think of, but they tend to be expensive. I actually tried to make one for my vest pocket but I immediately replaced it. Yes, this one fits on my vest pocket just fine!!

This is not a review but a new and perhaps "accidental" acquisition.
I went to an annual FOAM Membership meeting as an outfitter last weekend (after I came back from the Bighorn). Meeting was friendly yet discussion was very professional. As a part of entertainment, we had a raffle at the end. I won two!! Both happened to be fly-lines. You know, rods and reels can last for a looooong-looong time, treated right, but lines do show ages eventually. These two are top-notch lines in the industry. Now I start to think of the best uses of these lines, including purchasing new rods and reels. Long story short, I select my gears perhaps "backward" from most anglers...... I share with you later.......

On Monday, I got back to my usual spot(s) at DePuy's Spring Creek. I will do the same. That means my regular fishing report will follow on the weekend.

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