Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Baetis Report!!

It's just a right weather for me: touch of spring yet there's still a grip of winter.
This season, I must be one of a few "real" anglers who observed and fished for Spring Baetis (blue-wing-olive) at Livingston's spring creeks. My past notes tell me that usually hatches of midges and baetis and accompanied trout rises occur in late March (though people who don't really fish creeks would speculate much earlier!). This is indeed very early, which I don't mind! Furthermore, this is not a temporal-&-varying-day-by-day thing. I can set the clock and expect already! Amazing!

Let's look back the first week of March! Stage is, as always, at DePuy's Spring Creek!
I observed a subsurface rise. I calculated the distance and the sinking rate of my subsurface fly = Master Angler PT. BINGO!!
A stomach sample from a little rainbow (no picture) show exactly what I saw in the air and on the water = midge and baetis.

Can't be happier than this!
By a pure accident, mirror effect was achieved!
Another nice rainbow!
Then brown!

When I visited Hopper Juan during Fly Fishing Show in Denver, he offered me a couple of his own baetis patterns. They all look great and I was obliged to test. The first pattern I tied on brought me the first Yellowstone Cutthroat for the year!
Next pattern got me into a colorful rainbow! Another pattern got me hooked into a nice brown, which I failed to net.......
This is what I call "Yellowstone Chromer".....
This was very satisfying brown!!
Here are several effective patterns.
My own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple might be a "classic", considering the numbers of original patterns I invented after this one........ Still one of my best and most reliable mayfly patterns!!
NEW!! Transitional Soft-Hackle - BWO!! Tying instruction video will be posted soon!
Master Angler PT can't go wrong at any time & day.
Midge APE
And then Pupaerger.
All of these can be ordered from my fly catalog. Or track back my YouTube channel and find videos.
Of course, nymphing is very productive before and after the hatch. I don't go through individual fly patterns but I mention food sources that need considered: egg, scud, sowbug, midge larva, & baetis nymph are very abundant and effective, followed by stonefly nymph, cranefly larva, snails, etc.
Cutthroat in this size & color is always pretty to my eyes! Again seeing one like this in the creek seems earlier than normal year.........
Browns are very hard-fighting this season!
Regardless of sizes, they fight like tuned-up rainbows!! Wonder how strong they gonna be in summer?

Hope to keep updating a good report!

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