Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Gears for 2010

Right after I found that I need a new line and reel, I made a quick move with some thoughts. Line was broken but my Scierra XDP (X-treme Drag Performance) reel is still great as it has been. As long as it works why would I abondon it? By the way, this Scierra made in Sweden is extremely tough. (A big) However the company and its distributers left US. So there is probably from no more to only a few left in the market. Fortunately I own two!! I will use this to my future 5wt rig. Here's a close look of Scierra XDP along with a Salmonfly at Madison River.

Now about the new gears that I have just received. For the line, I chose RIO's Grand. There were a couple of RIO lines in my mind but I finally decided to buy the Grand. It seems to fit my style: first it claims to go with the fast action rods as my Sage 6wt and then the versatility I can expect in any situation. From tiny baetis or midge flies, heavily weighted nymph rig, and to large streamers.

As for the reel, for the first time, I got out of my limit. I generally look for reels somewhere between $100 to $150 with fancy lookings. Scierra XDP above is the perfect example. This time, I spent a bit more than that. I decided to go with Lamson Waterworks' Guru model. I confess here that this is the first time that I own a large arbor reel.........

I might as well have purchased a spare spool for full-sinking line. This line is Kelly Galloups's design for extream streamer fishing.

I bought these from Creekside Fly-Fishing in Salem, OR. Though I haven't been to the shop, mostly because I have to pass Portland area......, Rich and Kathy have been very kind to me through all of my purchases via online and emails.

Actually, the biggest reason I have been dealing with Creekside is that they don't have sales tax in Oregon and the shipping/handling is only a few to none........

I am laughing at myself and/or any other fly-fishers that we'd like to spend a copuple to several hundred $$ for our gears yet we are trying to be cheap on those taxes and shipping rates.......

Anyways, I will test these new gears pretty soon.


  1. nice reel, a friend of mine runs nothing but Lamson, I'm likeing Ross..

  2. It seems to have a very nice drag system. I need to hook a sizable trout to find out its performance!!