Friday, January 15, 2010

Worn-out Line

After I came home from my first fishing day for 2010, which was not succesful (2 posts below), I cleaned my line. When I go fishing clean waters in Yellowstone area for several days, I don't clean every day. But whenever I fish around here in eastern WA or practice some casting spontaneously, I have to wash, clean, and coat the line with line dressing.

This time I felt some unsmoothness while I was coating. I had to see a couple of cracks on my line.

This is a 6wt Western Drifter from Cortland. For the past two years, this has been working for me very hard. It was basically with 0X leader/tippet. I could tapered down to anything; 0X to 2X for large streamers, 1X to 3X for nymph fishing (with an indicator), 3X to 5X for dry fly fishing in Madison, swinging soft-hackles, and down to 6X for midge/baetis fishing when I needed to.

I will both thank and appologize to it that it had to deal with some tree branches above and rocks in the river bottom.

I haven't broken my rods yet, which is a good thing!, yet I am thinking about to replace reels/spools along with matching lines before the season starts.

I have several products that I am looking into, but this line served me very hard......Thanks, pal.


  1. ya they say fly line only lasts 60-90 days research that one. open your wallet huh, I beleave that is based on conditions like 60 days of sun, dry climate, and no dressing so one could make it last longer depending on conditions...agreed?

  2. I didn't know the research. But it might be close because I had not been fishing every day for the past 2 years!Anyway, it worked for me very hard. Am glad that I used its life rather than broke/lost it by acccidents.