Sunday, January 10, 2010

Advanced Practice with Micro Practice Rod

Though I failed to catch the first and more trout for 2010 the other day, I am not sulked at all. It seems my "fishy" positive attitude seems real!!
I am busy with cows all through this month. But I will visit Rocky Ford again in February. Though I didn't do good on 6th, I've got a new idea and spots to fish. And I am finalizing the schedule for my up-coming spring trip to Livingston in April. All I've gotta do is make some calls.

What can I do by then? I've done most of tying that I can think of. So I'll practice casting with a Micro Practice Rod (MPR)!! I can't emphasize how fun it is to play with this. From one of my favorite fly-fishing authors, Jason Borger, I've learned a more realistic way to practice with MPR (along with more fun!!). It's the use of tiny velcro fastners both on the tip of MPR yarn and the object(s) you prefer so you can aim and hook it like real fly-casting and -fishing situations.

First I look for the tape. I found in a Wal Mart and attached the less stickier side to the tip of MPR yarn. I adjusted the size during the practice because I felt some weight than before. The smaller, the less effect (the more original).
Second, as for the objects, I used foam trays. I've been using this tray with a real rig with de-hooked flies. This really makes a good target but when I practice with a real rig, I need more space than my backyard and the fly line picks more dirt than MPR yarn, which clogs the rod guides, then ends the practice in 30 minutes. After that I have to clean the whole thing.

But this time, with the fun and practicality of MPR that I have already experienced, I did some visual enhancement and then attached other side of velcro. It seems to be a rainbow. And if I cast right and well, theoreticaly MPR yarn is attached to the fish-on-the-tray like this??
I saw 4 rising trout in my backyard.
Within 15 to 20 feet distance, after lots of refusals (on the tray, but not really on velcro), I made a pin-point cast!

Set the hook and fish ooooooooonnn!!
My first catch was 5-inch brookie!

Other rosters of risers are browny

and Cutty (I meant Westslope in my area).

Believe or not, this set-up really put me into real fishing situation. My mind was really on!! Most of the time, I can cast onto the tray or around an inch or two on the ground.

But targetting exactly to the velcro (or to my lovely art!!) requires finess and concentration. It reminds me of fall baetis hatch in Madison and Firehole River. Tremendous rising fish (in this case lost of visual effects and targets) but lots of refusals (on tray but not on velcro).

As a fact, when I practice just with MPR, I feel good and enough in 20 minutes. This time, I was casting over 1 hour!! And I recognized my mind-set was different from "practice to cast" to "cast to rising trout".

I will keep on going! This way, hopefully my casting is improved and then I hope this will help me develop my mind-set at the real fishing situation. Oftentimes, I have to see my casting would be messed up when I feel the urge to make it right. Practice with MPR will help me develop solid casting and mental foundation, I bet.


  1. Nice "yard" trout, Satoshi! Those fish have some serious'll be set for barracuda on the flats in no time.

  2. Jason,
    Memories of nice trout are left in our fingers also as punctures, aren't they? I like the innocent looking of Cutts myself.

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