Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dutch Box

I think I just finished my little project during the winter. At least to the certain point. It's been in my mind and is still going on.

I've read this article at MidCurrent. I have visited Blue Ribbon Flies in my every trip, met Craig in person, but have never looked at prices of Dutch boxes at the counter because I could tell it's a bit too fancy for me. But last December, I finally decided to get two (one for my brother) within my budget. Yet I ordered online so buying without actually seeing them for the prices was a bit gamble to me. But I was very happy when they were shipped. I wanted to have a "lucky box with all good luck flies".
All Dutch boxes are hand-crafted, numbered, and dated. Each one is only one of its kind. Mine is read as below, crafted with cherry tree.
On the top (lid side), I tied and set (from top row) mayfly, caddis, midge, special ones, terrestrials, and nymph. One color and one pattern for each pattern or insect imitation.

On the bottom, I set larger flies, mostly large soft-hackles. Of course including my Coyote.

Furthermore, this box fits in the left-upper pocket of my vest (right at my heart). As said above, I had not seen it bacause I ordered online. Amazing! I just felt that was meant for me!

Somehow, I don't feel its weight or something square from inside. It does make me feel I am well equipped and gives me some confidence. As long as I keep this box in my vest, I know I always have right flies in any situation even when I forget or leave other boxes in my truck or motel room. I am not sure if this is going to protect me from bears or buffaloes though........

Somehow when I tried to tie one fly only for each pattern, I felt they came out a bit inferior for my eyes to the same patterns that are already in my other boxes. I am not sure. Maybe. I may have to re-do some, would add several more patterns, or arrange rows. This is why I feel there's something constantly going on with this lovely item. I'll update later. And I will find out my trout luck for this year soon!

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