Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At Armstrong's - AM

As I decided to leave WA State, I cancelled the motel reservation in West Yellowstone. But I kept a spot for today at O'Hair Ranch to fish Armstrong's Springcreek.
Great to live in Livingston now as O'Hair Ranch is only 6 miles south from my house!!

It was sunny all through and almost all no wind, which is very rare in Livingston. I checked in around 8:30am. Temperature was lower 30s, which turned up as high as lower 60s later on. Glorious scenery as the mist were all over from the creek with Absaroka Mountains in the back.

My first catch was typical 16-inch rainbow. There was a large rock at where I landed him so I tried a self-timer shot but I didn't hold him high enough. You can see its dorsal fin. Does the orange scarf look good on me?

Another catch in the morning. First one just looked like this.

What's today's special?

As I was fishing just about the middle, I talked to one of people at the ranch. He was checking and setting traps to catch muskrat. Indeed those little buggers are all over!! I was fishing deep fast pool between him and I. Right in front of him, I felt a big tug! It really pulled out my line and swam into aquatic weed. It did twice. I handled the first tangle but I was afraid that the second tangle might snap off my tippet. But it came free and I netted!! It was a 17-incher but really fat and "humped". No wonder it pulled out my line!! All happened in front of one of workers here, and he took me a great picture though I am holding the fish poorly.

But believe or not, while I was fighting on this rainbow, two other large trout were spooked in the same spot. I saw their shadows. Second one was much larger!!

It was just about noon so I drove back to my house and ate lunch, checked emails, etc.

How convenient is this? I am not a traveling angler any more!!

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