Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter Has Come

Winter, actually snow, has settled in earlier than I expected. I mean, last winter I spent in Montana was almost 8 years ago. I just can't remember the average. Last Tuesday, it was a snow storm. Then from Wednesday night to all through Thursday, we had 50mph of gust which dried out all the snow on the ground. Then on Friday, it started to snow. I was gonna do some yard chores on Saturday but snow didn't seem to stop for a while so I did on Friday afternoon. It was all through snow on Saturday also. Probably about 2pm, which is supposed to be the warmest of the day, I got this temperature with my truck thermo as I went to town quickly.

Just about the same time, my firewood were already like this.

This morning, they looked like this. Snow stopped and the Sun came out lightly but it is estimated a couple of inches of accumulation over night.
But I was ready for the cold weather. My landlord gave me bags of elk burger. Last night, I set up my crock-pot filled with one of bags and other ingredients and cooked all night. It turned out to be the best chili I ever made. Even Lieutenant Columbo would be satisfied. "It's the crackers that make the dish" (quote from Lieutenant). I actually like to eat in his style; little a bit of salt and ketchup and then the ritual of crashing fistfull of crackers!!

Maybe a bit too many homey stuffs for my fly-fishing blog?
I am tying lots of flies as it's the perfect time of the year. Whenever it warms up around 30s, I can go to spring creeks. So I tied up my secret weapon dudes!!

While I was getting comfortable with heat from the wood stove and mellow by liquor, I was dizzy and dozing. But suddenly another idea was born in that condition of my brain. Here's another color variation of T&A. I combined the all time effective white and black, naming it "T&A Integration". It should work. I'll find out once weather cooperate probably at Lower Madison and Yellowstone just around here.

I have more flies to tie and have some do-it-yourself projects.

Hopefully I can get out fishing soon and post trout pictures.....

Wish everybody have a great Thanksgiving!!

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