Friday, November 26, 2010

Weather Hazard - No-Joke

I don't keep track of when and how much we had snow any more. But yesterday and today, I experienced the most brutal and unbelievable weather in my life. I have lived in Bozeman and Sidney and I did have some nasty winter days in northwest Nevada and eastern WA. But weather in Livingston is.......

Yesterday afternoon, I thought I might want to grab fried chickens and snacks in a grocery store. To go to highway (main street), I have two routes. I wanted to go south but there was a guy pouring gas tank to his car in the middle of road, not sure if he was stuck or not. So I turned north. As I saw my neighborhood couldn't get their car out right in front of their house (their car is a regular sedan), I got stuck too right in front of them. My F-150 in 4WD wouldn't do but they gave up their car and helped me get out and I gave up to go to town and just backed up to my house. They decided to walk to highway then their folks would pick them up for family gathering and I promised them that I would help their car when they got back.

This afternoon, we worked on their car under this kind of weather. It was reported actual temperature was about 20 above but how we would feel with 30 to 40mph, occasionally 50mph, of blizzard. I can't express in my words so I shot a little video with my camera and for the first time, I'd like to post here. See how it looks and works.

We dug and cleaned snow under front wheels as much as we could. Then we tried to slide in boards for the grip and hopefully car could go backward. First, tires didn't even spin!! We dug more and tires started to move but couldn't get on boards. We found that just too much snow under-car, almost lifting the car so to speak. So we gave up.....

Those ice, powder, or snow, whatever you call, turn into water right after they hit our face (eventually back into ice). I got too much on my right eye, which essentially caused a running tear and suddenly my vision went blur........ my contact lense was blown off from my right eye!!!!

With those wet hair and underwear, I might have experienced minor case of hypothermia?? With coffee and wood stove, I feel better now but gust continues outside.......

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