Monday, November 1, 2010

Class 4 - the Last: Swinging Large Soft-Hackles

My schedule was going very well as I planned and estimated. My last class (4:30pm till I quit) was to swing large soft-hackles in the dark. Put it simply, tying soft-hackles and fishing with them are more like my obsession regardless of catch results. But I'd like to emphasize that most of the time I end up catching nice and memorable trout.

My most favorite section to swing large soft-hackles is Cable Car Run and eventually Barns Pool #1. Regardless of its popularity, I have developed my experience to catch some. I'd say when you are alone at this section, you are most likely to catch fish, period. When too many people are around, it's simply crazy. My game plan at this section is nothing but early & late of the day. Especially, the colder the weather, the less people are around at early & late of the day. As a soft-hackle enthusiast, Cable Car Monument is my sacred place.

I fished Cable Car Run thoroughly, changing colors and sizes of soft-hackles. But didn't have even taps on my line....... I sat on the monument and tied on my own Coyote, wishing for the best.
I trailed my Coyote behind a Soft Hackle Streamer in black. Soft Hackle Streamer, invented by Jack Gartside, is probably the most attractive pattern among anglers who love to swing and then strip and twitch every now and then. Trout respond accordingly!!

I didn't have any taps or tugs at all while swinging Cable Car Run. Slightly discouraging but I kept going on to the head of Barns Pool #1. It was almost 7:00pm when I felt a light tap......

I was confused because it happened somewhere between swinging and stripping when I saw a huge submarine rise!! As I was careful not to pull out my fly from the mouth, I didn't set the hook strongly. But that submarine was actually came up above the surface to bite on a Soft Hackle Streamer as rising for dry-flies.........

I lost him................

A bit after 7:00pm, I left West Yellowstone to my home in Livingston. I drove slowly as it was in the evening and rain/snow storm could cause icy spots every now and then on HWY 191. I made home OK a bit after 9:00pm


What I found, learned, and reassured:

  • I made sure I knew what I was doing.
  • Spots, flies, tactics, and tendency of crowds.
  • I can plan a hard fishing day from my home without staying in motels in West Yellowstone.

This year, Yellowstone Park is open till Nov 7th, which is the longest as it can be. The Park pass I bought yesterday is valid till 6th.

I am planning one more whole day for heavy fishing. And again I will compound all of my fall experience.

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