Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Day of the Park: baetis hatch!!

Due to the fine weather, I didn't expect much about baetis hatch en masse and rising trout, both of which were usually predictable from 1 to 3pm on overcast days = cloudy, rainy snowy, sleet, etc. I just pulled in one of upper sections of Madison. While I was eating my lunch in my truck, I saw lots of rising trout but people by the river didn't see at all and left.

Though it was not as strong and dramatic as last year, it was a baetis hatch. I like ICU Baetis.

With this tiny size, I can't see it all the time but I'm learning to "pop" it when casting. I saw a rise on the top of my fly line and I was sure that was where my fly would be!!
Next, I tied on a Knocked Down Baetis.

I saw a rise and set a hook. A little one flew toward me!! Another smallest one ever in Madison.

I moved to Muleshoe Bend of Firehole River, hoping lots of people are fishing Madison and more reliable hatch of baetis. Nobody was fishing the Bend but no risers or strong hatches either. I swung soft-hackles at least. I started to see a few rises here and there. I tied on 6X Emerger behind ICU.
There's no way to see 6X Emerger on the surface but the position of ICU and the constant cast let me guess where it would be and the rise. Just a tiny rainbow but I did fish for it.

Regardless of fish sizes and condition, I consider I did much better than last year and 6 days ago. No accidental catches but positive rises and positive hook sets.

Now I was heading back to the Madison.

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