Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Gears for Late Season

Today, I was driving around Bozeman. I was actually knocking on doors of fly-shops to sell my flies and tie for them. That will be another post!!

While visiting shops, I looked for gears for late season. I needed a nice pair of fold mit glove. Being in this area, I do love Simms products. But I came up with a more reasonable and probably more functioning pair. It's from Chota. It has a wind-stop layering as Simms but also I noticed that it's less bulky when folded. It's very important because the bulk of fold often catches fly-line when handling. Nice pads are attached on the palms. That should prevent water seep into my hands.

Then I bought a neck scarf in orange at a ranch-&-home store. Reason is to show myself to hunters while I'm fishing. At the late season, I see lots of hunters along where I fish. I just can't buy or wear safety clothes for hunters because they are not functioning as my fishing gears. So I decided to buy a scarf to compensate somewhere between my interest and practicality.

I will test these two gears at Armstrong's tomorrow. Then the final day in Yellowstone National Park is coming........

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