Tuesday, February 14, 2012

S.C.ANT Featured Online

Another original pattern of mine S.C.ANT is featured in Fly Anglers OnLine (www.flyanglersonline.com) again. You can scroll down a bit or click FOTW (Fly Of The Week) for February 13th, 2012. I can see editors painstaking effort to put basically two flies. I really appreciate Editor Neil for his hard work. I have already created some patterns and one of them, the first one COYOTE made a nation-wide attention (maybe, LOL!!). I love them all and can show anyone with confidence, whether they make to manufacture level or not.  However S.C.ANT stands out for the special reason and experience.
I haven't really decided how it's read either SU-KU-Ant or su-can't (as "scant"). Please try a poll on the right. S.C. apparently stands for Slough Creek and "without these two, rises will be scant"!!  That's the catch-phrase of these two pairing flies. Let me review why it's so significant for me.
(Actual Queen)

(S.C.Ant Queen on my fingers)

(Actual little black male on my finger)

(S.C.Ant Black on my finger)

It was a battle between "Man" vs "Nature" for 4 days. Man included me armed with fly-fishing skills & knowledge. Nature to be challenged rostered season, creek, insect, and trout. On September 7th (click here for the post), Team Nature defeated me completely. Actually it was more like "total ignorance" as if I didn't exist in their dimension. Incident almost all sucked my soul. I was about to commit a suicide and be done with fly-fishing. Retreated to my home, I got some tactics from my mentors and I noticed other weapons I had forgotten to use; Observation & Patience, and Creativity at my bench. First my mentors told me the swarm could last for a couple of days, even could be seen in October. Second, looking at these two insect pictures and repeating scenes in my head over and over, I believed there should be specific fly patterns for these two special insects. I had a day or two then. I went through catalogues for ant patterns and they didn't help me much, however some idea occurred to me and I came up with these two, one for each gender.
September 10th (click here for the post), I went back to Lower Slough. Even though I had had some preparation this time, Swarm might not happen as that what Nature could do any time!! It sounded too cruel for me to wait till next year to get my soul back and to try my new flies. However Swarm did happen at 6:00pm at the very last Sun light of late summer. This time, I used another tool called Observation along with brandnew flies. This time, I got a response from Team Nature. And I decoded characters and complications of Lower Slough and trout there.
I don't say I defeated Team Nature of Lower Slough as I got more homework to do. Yet, I did get my soul and confidence back. I was not conceited at all, instead I felt I could be a further better angler and guide if I keep observing and learning and being creative to produce new flies.

I will see you boys & girls (I'm talking to ants as well......)at Lower Slough!!


  1. Nicely done my friend. After seeing all the trout brought to hand here on this blog it's no wonder people like the flies. They not only look good but produce some sweet results. Kypee Browns all day :)

  2. TM, thank you for your compliments as always. I too like anything Kypee! 'Bow, cutty, or browny....